Am I an Imposter?

Not good enough, insecure, anxious, afraid of being found out.

Many people have these feelings as they go about their work. Even when you intellectually know you have experience and have been doing the job, you are still haunted by the worry “Will they find out that I’m not good enough and I shouldn’t be doing this?”.

This feels bad. It’s frustrating. It has some very negative effects:

  • We try to hide, we hold back, we don’t volunteer answers…
  • We let others take the lead, afraid to step up ourselves. This often stops us taking the roles we deserve and makes us look ineffective.
  • We miss out on opportunities and are overlooked for promotion. It’s just exhausting and so frustrating.
  • When we do “volunteer” or can’t avoid the spotlight, we over-prepare, work really hard, over-deliver on even the most simple tasks and almost burn out in the process.

How do we break this vicious cycle of self doubt?!

Am I an Imposter? This free resource contains a simple series of questions that will allow you to self-assess how badly you are affected by imposter feelings and behaviours.

It reveals simple and effective first steps to outgrow your imposter today. You will find:

  • Ten questions that help you get clarity about your Imposter feelings
  • Why you must consciously choose to change
  • Confidence that changing unhelpful thought patterns is a way forward
  • That courage and self-compassion are important on the new journey.

There is a part of you that knows there is a better version of you just waiting to emerge…

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You really can move beyond your imposter feelings!

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