Do you find yourself thinking…

  • I wish I felt more confident, braver about being me, comfortable in my own skin.
  • How can I possibly get everything done?
  • When will I ever make time for the things I know are important? 
  • I thought I’d have things figured out by now!

Margaret Collins works with people to

– clarify what is important to them

– find their voice and the confidence to speak 

– overcome “imposter” feelings

– create space for the important things in life.

What is it that holds you back?



Sometimes it feels as if life would be better in some way if only…
and the “if only” might be different for each of us.

If only I knew what I wanted…
If only I had the confidence to put myself forward…
If only I didn’t feel like a complete fraud…
If only I had the time to do these things…

Some of this is about learning new “how to skills”, some of it is changing the way we think about things.  As human beings we are capable of growth and change.

So why am I still feeling stuck?!!

Sometimes we just need a nudge to the next stage. We might benefit from new information or new tools but with a little love and a lot of care, we are capable of the most surprising things. Really.

Ships are safe in harbour – but that’s not what ships are made for.

Things only seem impossible until we learn how…

Wherever you are now, you can learn to let your light shine, to step up and make your contribution whatever your professional role. We can learn to communicate, quietly, with confidence. Like learning to walk, we need to learn the skills one baby step at a time. 

And yes, time management can help you get more done but, deep down we know a rewarding life isn’t just about doing more or even working smarter. We know it’s more important to love, to make a difference, to care for others, to walk lightly on this planet, to laugh lots… 

Maybe the next step for you is to attend a workshop or arrange a one to one coaching conversation at a time that works for both of us. The most amazing changes happen when you invest fully in your growth and development over time. My new programme, “From Imposter to Empowered” is designed to equip you with the tools to make real changes in your personal or professional life. Find out more about your coaching options here.

Child's red shoes with laces undone

It was a pleasure to meet you last week – I really enjoyed the session.
I have been recommending you to my colleagues non-stop, describing you (if you don’t mind) as exactly “the small gin and tonic” I needed! I think you get what I mean. I really did get a lot out of the session.

My Work

I work with individuals, one to one and with small groups. I deliver coaching and run workshops or live events where you can explore issues with like-minded people and learn new skills in a safe and supportive environment. For a few hours you really focus on things that matter.  

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