An Introvert’s Guide to Communicating and Influence

In a world that seems geared to high energy, high input extroverts, it is easy to forget that introvert strengths are both abundant and needed.

Introverts are quiet types who flourish when they are alone. They are often drained of energy by being in large groups. Introverts can be very sociable but they probably prefer smaller gatherings or quieter groups and may need some serious alone-time in order to recover their thoughts or recharge their batteries after social events.

Often quiet and reflective, introverts tend to think things through, listen to input from others and often do their best work alone or in quiet environments. 

Most working environments require that we interact, form teams, speak up and share our ideas – activities that are often draining for introverts who are poorly prepared for these extrovert interactions.

An Introvert’s Guide to Communicating and Influence” is a great workshop if you’d like to:

  • explore your introvert strengths
  • understand how to manage your energy effectively when alone or in a group
  • improve your communication skills
  • have greater confidence in yourself and your communication style
  • communicate more effectively in meetings or influence others?

Maybe you realise your career depends on your ability to be heard or perhaps your self esteem rests on your finding the courage to say what you think.

And what would it be like to know how to manage a social or networking event without that feeling of deep dread, awkwardness and feeling out of place, what if making small talk was a skill you exercised with grace and skill to put others at ease?

You probably wish you knew how to avoid feeling exhausted at the end of a busy day.

During the workshop we will create space to understand the science and psychology behind introversion. You will:

  • gain insight into the nature of introversion
  • understand the strengths of the introverted type
  • learn strategies to communicate more effectively
  • have resources to support and sustain yourself in a busy world.