Quietly Confident Communication

Confidence often feels like a “you have it or you don’t” sort of thing. 

Often three elements contribute to quiet confidence:

  • confidence
  • communication skills
  • levels of introversion/extroversion.


A skill set that can be learned and developed, it grows with experience. Confidence can be about belief in our own abilities, to get things done, to rise to the challenges of life.


We need to understand our own message, to be convinced that it is worth sharing and then to learn how to deliver that message in a way that is completely authentic for us.


Introverts draw energy from time alone. They can be full of confidence, convincing speakers and great leaders when they learn to manage their energy and use their strengths well.

Quiet confidence is the knowledge that just as we are, we are good enough. 

Someone who is completely themselves, comfortable in their own skin, is warm, attractive and engaging. 

Quietly Confident Communication

Sometimes we need to get a message across.

It might be in conversations, meetings, formal presentations or job interviews.

People who lack confidence in some situations often struggle with being centre stage. We are told “Just be yourself, you’ll be fine!”, as if we’d never thought of that!

If only we could find a way to feel confident that we could say what was needed and look as if we meant it.

Being able to communicate with confidence has many benefits. You feel less stressed, you look more open, you have a sense of ease. 

But instead many of us only experience pain and frustration. We live through days or even weeks of discomfort as we prepare for the event. Do you know the sleepless nights and hours spent worrying?

Then the pain of being in the spotlight, the racing heart, trembling knees and shaking hands, that feeling of going blank when we know we know the answer but the words simply escape us in the stress of the moment.

Our “chance to shine” simply creates fear of a memorable failure.

What if we could learn to look and feel more confident, to feel comfortable just being ourselves?! 

Learn to speak up!

You really can learn to communicate with quiet confidence. Would you like to:  

  • grow in confidence?
  • have a greater impact in meetings?
  • speak your message clearly?
  • manage the anxiety you feel at the thought of speaking in public?
  • be your best in a job interview?

 This is not a pipe dream. This is all possible for you. 

I came to the workshop with a deep fear of public speaking but left wanting to conquer that fear and perhaps even enjoy the experience in the future. Your calm demeanour and sound advice will, I hope, stay with me and inspire me, not only when called upon to give a presentation but also in day to day life. I really didn’t expect to have so much fun and to come away having thoroughly enjoyed the day! Thank you so much.


You can learn a quiet confidence that doesn’t need to show off, shout or hide.

You can learn to communicate, clearly, honestly, authentically.

The Presentation Skills workshop was one of the most useful, well presented, informative, supportive workshops I have ever attended. The day exceeded my expectations and provided key skills and techniques to enable the dreaded presentation to be met with more confidence


What about those self-critical “gremlins”!

The most common self-doubts – “I’m not good enough”, “I shouldn’t be here” and speaking to ourselves “Who do you think you are?!” – these voices feel intensely personal, yet are almost universal.

Quiet confidence is about being ourselves, not comparing ourselves to others. We can learn to retrain our thoughts, have a more honest perspective on life and yes, learn to have confidence in ourselves.

Let me show you how – let me turn insights from evidence-based research in psychology and social sciences into simple and practical techniques you can use from day one.

You really can learn to communicate with quiet confidence!

What if we could learn to look and feel more confident, to feel comfortable just being ourselves?! 

Quietly Confident Communication

In this workshop we create a safe and supportive environment where you will learn to:

  • create a clear and calm mindset
  • understand that confidence is both an inside and outside job
  • get really clear on what you’d like to say
  • structure a compelling presentation
  • have effective strategies for managing presentation stress.

You really can learn how to let your best self shine.

I would just like to say how much I appreciated the day. Margaret was extremely motivating and ran a very enjoyable and informative session. I can truthfully say that I have never attended a better course in the many years I have worked in the commercial sector.


“Because one believes in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince others.
Because one is content with oneself, one doesn’t need others’ approval.
Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her.”
Lao Tzu