Well Balanced Working

The idea of “having it all” leaves many women feeling tired, stressed and simply inadequate. 

Lynne Twist sums it up when she says “For me, and for many of us, our first waking thought of the day is “I didn’t get enough sleep.” The next one is “I don’t have enough time.“…

If the reality of your life seems far removed from the organised, decluttered, “time for everything” images you see in magazines and social media, you are not alone.

Perhaps it’s time to look at things differently, take a reality check, to make different choices.

There’s more to life than paying bills and just getting through another week…

Are you racing through your days?

Do you rush from one appointment, one commitment to the next?

Maybe we do get it all done but we know that there’s more to life than this. If only we had a little more time we might even figure out what that “more” might be but instead, here we are, just about fitting it all in.

If we’re lucky a nice meal and a glass of wine on a Saturday night is as much “meaning” as we manage to squeeze into our lives. It’s not that life is bad – though for some of us might be getting close to burn-out.

We might have career or business goals and all the ambition to achieve them but often we want more…

What would “better” look like for you? 

  • You wake each day feeling well rested and refreshed
  • Your morning was organised, planned and not a series of struggles just to get out of the door on time
  • You have a plan for getting more done
  • You can see a way forward even when things don’t go to plan
  • You can manage stress and create a sense of calm and meaning
  • You have time for the people and activities that are important to you
  • You are happy with the choices you make, the priorities you choose
  • You know you are doing the right thing for you and for those close to you. 

Does that sound better?

We might have career or business goals and all the ambition to achieve them but often we want more…

Well balanced working is about more than improving efficiency and productivity – people are not machines. 

Many of us want a more meaningful life. For many women, this is about more than career-driven goals.

  • less about acquiring things or power
  • more about building up – relationships, family or community
  • making a difference to the people whose lives we touch – our parents, partners, family and friends.

And yes, we can do these things through our work but not if we’re run ragged and so busy that we don’t even recognise ourselves.

A well balanced life is about enjoying the moments, making a difference, being comfortable in our own skin and happy with the decisions you make.

This isn’t about “being selfish”. When you look after yourself and know what’s important you will be happier and healthier. You will experience real growth and the people around you, family, friends and colleagues will also benefit. When you are being your best you can give more to the people and the causes that matter to you.

During the workshop you will have space to explore:

  • what you need to be your best self
  • the things you want to make space for in your life
  • new ways to evaluate your priorities
  • tools to get more done
  • strategies to manage stress and create a sense of calm.

There’s never enough time for everything but there’s always enough time for the most important thing.

Brian Tracy