A collection of tools and systems used to support people while they learn, grow and develop, move towards personal or professional goals, manage change or challenge.

Margaret Collins

I work with people who want to make changes.

My clients sometimes know exactly what they want – more time, more confidence in themselves and their choices, more options.

Often, clients have a better idea of what they don’t want in life – less hassle, less stress, less frustration. Reducing the anxiety of always second-guessing themselves, worried about their work and constantly criticising themselves. We can sort that!

Often we work together developing greater leadership presence or overcoming Imposter Syndrome feelings as they move into new roles or climb the career ladder.

I love working with clients on their journey to wholeness, people who want to figure things out, find their passion or purpose in life, making space for the people and things that we know are important but which always seem to get left behind is such a rewarding path. Creating more meaning in life is a beautiful gift.

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Putting plans into action is often easier if you have a companion, a guide, a Coach, someone to remind you, to provide a gentle prod or to hold you accountable.

What do you most need from a Coach?

Sure, I have a tool box full of tests, ideas and resources to help you see a clear way forward and that’s a good reason to work with a Coach. But there’s more. When you hire a Coach you are inviting me to care about your goals and your dreams as you care about them.

That can be really powerful.

The practicalities

Geography isn’t important. My clients work with me through a combination of telephone, video (we can use Zoom video software) and email coaching. It’s my job to make this as easy as possible! It always starts with a short phone call to make sure that we are a good fit for each other and then you have two choices:

  1. You can choose a deep dive clarity call where for £397 you can get 100 minutes to explore a decision or challenge that you’re facing.
  2. Alternatively you can invest in an eight or twelve session coaching programme that will give you a deep experience of amazing growth and development. This longer term commitment allows you to test new skills or approaches as you build on your successes, learn from your challenges and rediscover your zest for life!  Read on to find out more!

What coaching do you want?

Each client is different and each programme is tailored yet common themes recur, themes such as moving beyond the frustrations of Imposter Syndrome to feeling empowered, maybe overcoming overwhelm or developing the confidence to lead.

Typically the sessions can be delivered flexibly, every week or two weeks as agreed at the outset. There will be integration opportunities between sessions and some flexibility to fit around busy schedules.

We meet using telephone calls or Skype/Zoom software for audio/video calls. Each call will address elements of teaching, introducing new content or ideas and  space for individual personal coaching throughout the programme. The key ideas and activities may be supported through access to pdf or audio files containing additional information at key points.

In our opening sessions we build the foundations for our work together, uncovering your hidden drivers, deepest values and your intentions for our work together.

My most popular programme is the 12 module “From Imposter to Empowered” package.

We may explore why trying to be “Superwoman” doesn’t work. At best this supercharged energy gets stuff done, she is focussed and driven. At worst Superwoman is the best version of a man that a woman can be and she really doesn’t have an “off switch”. For most women that results in stress, frustration and burnout. It can be the reason that tempers flare, egos get bruised and relationships are broken.

Sometimes it helps to unhook from the relentless drive for unhelpful perfectionism, to understand why we are so inclined to say “yes” without thinking or become anxious at the thought of disappointing others.

We admit that sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. Particularly when we’re taken by surprise or experiencing a stressful situation. At these times we can find ourselves doing the things we hate most, whether that’s screeching at the children, making snide remarks to a colleague or secretly scoffing a slice of chocolate cake – we sadly find we do that which we don’t want to do. To get out of this trap for we learn to recognise when our “buttons are being pushed” and make sure that we get the things we need to keep us in a really good mental, physical and emotional state.

When you complete this programme, you will hardly believe the changes you have made, with ease, while having a great time on the journey.

You can find more information on the “From Imposter to Empowered” coaching programme content here.

“The more insecure or inadequate you feel, the more this programme will help you. The work is effortless but the rewards are extreme. There are no (obvious) challenges, just supportive invitations to practice thinking differently.”

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As a member of the Association For Coaching, all my work is according to the code of ethics which sets the expectation of best practice in coaching and mentoring.