How to create more confidence to speak…

 Confident speaking is both simple and a well developed skill set.

Confidence is a measure of our trust in ourselves and our ability to do certain things. Confidence is an inside job – we “feel” confident – or not. 

Confidence is also an outside job – how we look or sound to others and whether they trust us to do things.

Ideally we will have both parts of this confidence equation.

The anxiety we feel when we lack confidence often holds us back. Our heart races, our mind goes blank, often we feel physically sick simply at the thought of stepping up or speaking in public…

Feeling that we lack the confidence to show up in public is so frustrating. It robs us of the skills we actually have. We know we don’t put ourselves forward, we don’t do our best. To avoid this we even self-sabotage and it doesn’t feel good.

Is it really possible to change this? Isn’t confidence one of those things you have or you don’t? The good news is, wherever you start out on the confidence spectrum, you can learn to be more confident – inside and out.

How to create more confidence… “Confident Speaking” reveals simple and effective steps towards confident speaking – you can grow in confidence today. You’ll also learn:

  • What confidence actually feels like for you.
  • How breathing changes how we feel.
  • That our posture really does affect our confidence.
  • How to sound like you mean it.

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It really is possible to learn to feel more confident, to be comfortable in your own skin and be your best self when you need to show up.


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