Grow in confidence with Imposter Syndrome Solutions!

Surveys show that over 70% of people experience Imposter Syndrome feelings at some time.

You may be affected if you feel:

  • your work is never good enough and could be better
  • you don’t really deserve this recognition
  • people are just being kind to you
  • you’ve been really lucky up to now
  • you have a deep sense of “one day I’ll be found out”.

Feeling stretched or out of your comfort zone might be perfectly normal if you didn’t know how to do your job or were just starting out in a new line of work but imposters are usually way beyond that stage.

Imposter feelings leave you constantly doubting yourself – am I really good enough? – Is my work good enough? – I really should be doing better. We constantly compare ourselves with a picture of perfection.

Sometimes we hold ourselves back, say nothing, we do’t volunteer for the “stretch role” because there’s someone who can probably do it better. If we do step forward we usually over-prepare, put in many, many hours of preparation and find ourselves rushing to meet a deadline, over-worked and exhausted. The joy in life is gone.  

Imposter Syndrome feelings can affect the people in all roles and at all levels of responsibility and experience. It often undermines your confidence and increases a sense of anxiety.

How do you move beyond Imposter Syndrome feelings?

Imposter Syndrome Solutions

I’ve been running this workshop for many years so I know how to create a safe and secure space where you have time to think and to grow.

During the session I lead you gently through the science so that you understand:

  • the significance of your past experiences 
  • how to make new decisions as you go forward
  • how to create new patterns for your future thoughts and behaviours
  • you can stop sabotaging your own confidence 
  • proven strategies to increase your psychological resilience
  • a range of tools to look at your self and your life differently. 

We take the power away from your inner critic and return you safely into the driving seat.

The small group discussions create a supportive network where insights develop naturally and you will be keen to move forward, creating new patterns for your future thoughts and behaviours. 

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Just wanted to let you know that this course was absolutely fantastic. Margaret is a superb course leader and it was without doubt the best day course I’ve ever been on. Thanks again.


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Brené Brown says “You can choose courage or you can choose comfort, you cannot have both.“. As we work through our stories we realise that owning our challenges and admitting our struggles is what makes us human. The honesty of our struggle is exactly what makes us authentic and even inspiring. We find the courage to continue growing and be more open.

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You will learn new skills and better habits.

In future:  

  • When you hear that voice of doubt you’ll be able to draw upon reserves of confidence and put your best self forward
  • When you feel the tight pang of anxiety you’ll know how to create a space of calm confidence
  • You will know how to answer the voice of your inner critic
  • Perhaps for the first time in many years you’ll understand the value of the difference you can make and you’ll look forward to making that contribution
  • You will end the day knowing how to move beyond your imposter feelings, knowing you are more than good enough.

Will you come and join us?

Very interesting course and probably, long term, life-changing!


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