Some things are just too good not to share.

This week, I read an article in the Guardian newspaper, written by Emma Freud, an account of replies that she received to a tweet. And the tweet simply asked, “What is your biggest regret?“.

She said even she was surprised by the number of responses that she got, and the significance of some of the answers. Two in particular touched me.

One respondent simply said, “I was too scared to risk failing at something I loved, and so instead, I succeeded at something I had no passion for“.

A second person said, “I regret taking far too long to realize that everybody else in the world is also imperfect, and winging it, just like me!”.

And those two tweets, those two replies, touched me because they resonated with lessons that I have learned in my past, and lessons that I want to share. We can make different choices going forward. We can shape our world and our lives by having the courage just to be ourselves. We don’t need to be Super Woman. We don’t need to be “special”. We just need to be ourselves.

And so, if I have a message that I would like to share with you from this article, it’s “Don’t wait. Do it now.”. Because the world needs you and your act of courage will change you, it will change your future and it will change the lives of people that you touch.

So find your courage, and do it now.