Christmas baubles. This was the most surprising response to a recent social media post I made.

The context was communication – as you’ll know, communication is something that is important to me. It’s a theme that runs through many of my workshops and is a core feature of my teaching and training.

We are always communicating something. Our words or their absence. Our engagement or withdrawal. It’s all communicating something to someone.

Sometimes it’s really interesting to ask other people what they think we are communicating to them so we can see how effective our messaging is…

So I showed the picture below and asked what do you see?


Christmas baubles was a response I’d not expected.

This is the logo I’ve been using in my coaching business for the past few years – what does this communicate to you?

Much to my relief, most of the responses shouted back “Dandelions”.

So why did I pick dandelions as part of my business branding?

Well, the dandelion “clock” is globally recognised. They are, they do get, everywhere. They have the most photogenic seed-heads – and who can’t resist the desire to pucker-up and blow?!

The seeds spread so easily. They take root anywhere they are given the chance. They grow like weeds. They are persistent, resilient and difficult to get rid of.

I want the ideas I share in my training programmes to have a similar life.

I want them to spread widely, to take root easily, to grow deep and resilient and be there whenever you need them.

And where do you not need good communication skills? .

I’ve been recording a training programme, “Confident Speaking in Meetings”. It’s aimed at the people who struggle to speak up in meetings, mostly at work I guess but anywhere their voice needs to be heard. 

It could be that they – you – like me spent many years sitting in the back of the room, at the edge of the table, trying very hard to avoid the need to speak up… and yet, always communicating something because that’s what we always do.

Knowing what to say and how to say it effectively – what a positive skill set to have!

If these are the seeds I’m spreading in “Confident Speaking in Meetings” then yes, I want them to spread widely. I don’t know if you get all of that when you look at my logo – but I do hope I’ve just planted some seeds! If you would like to learn more about Confident Speaking at Meetings, just hit “reply” let me know

And I’ve also used this week to completely revamp my lovely “Am I an Imposter?” booklet, inside and out. If you’d like to give it the once-over and share some feedback I’d be just delighted.

Is it the sort of thing you’d find helpful?

Is there something else you’d love me to write or create?

Click on the link or the image and go have a look. I really would appreciate your feedback.

Remember to let me know what you think!

And so, Friday afternoon beckons and the weekend will soon be upon us. I know my sister, Lynn (I know some of you know of her), well Lynn will be watching the football on Sunday afternoon. She’s a passionate Liverpool supporter and will be praying for a miracle.

Have a great weekend yourself!


And if you’re interested in my training content, you can have a look at my Training For Universities website – find more information about Confident Speaking at Meetings here: