Hi there,

Yes, there’s a spider in my cupboard. There’s pretty much a spider, maybe many, in most rooms in my house now – and my car. Spidery September. Seems worse this year or is it just me?

Mostly I waft away their webs with my fluffy thing on a stick. I capture the beasts with a glass and piece of card when I can, releasing them to the far side of the garden… I get they just want a quiet life but I can’t do with them up close and personal.

Spiders and that amazing harvest moon – did you see it yet? – well, they remind me that it is “that time of year”, a start to autumn, a start to the new academic year and, given my university background that starts late September or into October.

Did you see all the “back to school let’s plan a new start” posts these last few weeks? How did they make you feel? In honesty I’m still catching up with things I’d planned to finish in July. August went AWOL. September, I’m still playing catch up and, there you have it. Deep breath in and a sigh.

Yet there is a shift in energy. The days are shorter, the sun is lower and there’s a call to get ready for what, mists and mellow fruitfulness?

So I’ll remind myself that there is a time for all things, cycles, a seasonality. And maybe in autumn there’s a mixture of harvesting the fruits planted earlier this year and preparing for the year to come. I’m certainly tidying up the veg and flower beds, gathering up the weeds, still harvesting courgettes, cucumbers and those late tomatoes.

So at work I’m tying up loose ends of projects started earlier this year:
I updated the content of my “Am I an Imposter?” offering so now there’s an ebook and a video to explore.

I created my “Out of Overwhelm Route Map” ready to launch once the new academic session is well under way.

I’m ready for a new season of students, workshop participants and coaching clients. If you’d be interested in joining me, do let me know!

I’ve tweaked my training workshops, updated my handouts and yes, created new plans that I’m “putting out there” for this coming year.

Managing my workload, personal and professional feels more like horticulture than engineering. More organic, more ebb and flow, less constrained.

So maybe that’s what this is about. I’m reaping the rewards of effort invested earlier this year. I’m investing in projects that will ripen much later.

I like plans that are strong enough to provide direction and flexible enough to grow with me as I experience that “life happens” and opportunities arise. It’s an interesting balance to maintain, much like the seasons where weather patterns do what they will and not always on the calendar dates we expect.

What about you? How are you preparing as this solstice passes?

Do you have clear intentions for the next season? What are your commitments, your hopes and maybe your dreams?

Do let me know if there’s something you want to celebrate or need a little encouragement with.

And about that spider invading my condiment cupboard, that’s not what I want. I have my eyes out for you and your residence time is limited!

PS: If you’d like to check out my new resources, do feel free:
Am I an Imposter?
or even
Out of Overwhelm Route Map

I’d be delighted if you let me know what you think of them!