Imposter Syndrome Essentials

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Do you feel as good as they think you are?

This secret fear that we’re not really good enough is surprisingly widespread. Some will say they feel like an imposter, others that they feel a fraud or not quite good enough.

In the face of tangible evidence of their success, many women, some men, people who are genuine high-achievers, are often wracked by self doubt and the fear of being found out.

We begin with Imposter Syndrome Essentials

During the workshop “Imposters” explored:

  • What Imposter Syndrome is…
  • Who is likely to experience Imposter feelings and why
  • Unconscious bias in the workplace
  • How to deal with Imposter feelings

You might recognise Imposter Syndrome feelings or simply admit there are times when you just don’t feel good enough.

The resources on this page complement the content delivered during the Zoom workshop.

Outsmart your Imposter!

When you realise:

  • you don’t put yourself forward because you fear you’ll fail
  • you don’t contribute in meetings because you don’t want to look a fool
  • you’ve done pretty well so far but feel you’ve been really lucky
  • other people doing similar jobs seem to be more “grown up” than you feel…

If not addressed Imposter Syndrome feelings can cause individuals to experience significant stress, anxiety and fear. It can drive them to burnout or inhibit them from achieving their full potential, prevent them from making valuable contributions to projects or meetings and deprive an organisation from seeing the very best that their staff can give.

Thank you for watching. I do hope you found the content helpful.

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I’m Margaret. I juggled a career as a research Academic with caring responsibilities for many years before starting my coaching and training business, using evidence based techniques to create results.

I love working with people to identify their strengths, build their confidence, be the best version of themselves.

For some it’s about stepping up, putting yourself forward and taking a lead – even if you don’t feel like a leader yet (and yes, you can overcome Imposter feelings!).

With the right tools and consistent support you will be amazed at who you can become!

Am I an Imposter? 

This free resource starts with 10 simple questions to help you to self-assess how badly you are affected by imposter feelings and behaviours.

The pdf ebook reveals simple and effective first steps to outgrow your imposter today.

There is a part of you that knows there is a better version of you just waiting to emerge…

You can move beyond imposter feelings.

Am I an Imposter booklet

How to create confidence…

This ebook reveals simple and effective ways you can grow in confidence today. You’ll also learn:

  • The 4 step process of natural confidence
  • What confidence means for you
  • Three ways to feel more confident
  • Three ways to look more confident.

It really is possible to learn to feel more confident, to be comfortable in your own skin and be your best self when you need to show up.

How to Create Confidence booklet

How to create more time…

This ebook reveals the real reason things get done – or not. You’ll also learn:

  • The art of choosing priorities
  • How action comes before motivation
  • How setting tight deadlines can be key
  • Why permission to take a break can be motivating.

To get different results you need to take different actions… start with a decision to do something different today.

How to create More Time booklet

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