Managing Your Research Project

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Managing Your Research Project
Three elements are central to successfully managing a research project:

  • Managing yourself – time, priorities and energy.
  • Managing the project – stakeholders, goals, milestones.
  • Influencing and communicating with other people.

The resources on this page complement the content delivered during the Zoom workshop. Slides are available by clicking the image below.

We begin with Time  Management and Prioritisation
We are facing unprecedented challenges to “the way things are done”, facing upheaval personally and professionally and still need to get stuff done.

You may, or may not need a full time management workshop – the videos below are snippets for some helpful reminders.

Communication and Influencing Skills
The sections on communication and influencing skills and DISC Behavioural Styles have the slide content embedded within the recorded video. Each video has a separate workbook which can be downloaded as a pdf file.


The image above links to the slides for the Managing Your Research Project workshop.

The videos below contain selected highlights to complement the time management, prioritisation and communication and influencing skills components. Enjoy!

What do you control?

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed, out of control. When we focus on those things we have little or no control over, we experience stress or frustration.

When we understand we have choices – even if if they are difficult or have consequences – we often experience a greater sense of wellbeing.  

How to use your brain!

In the absence of a “user manual” for your brain, understanding a simple metaphor can help you make much better decisions.

Simple wins can include:
– starting important tasks first,
– avoiding distractions and
– capturing stray ideas for later.


Communication and Influence

In this session we explore:
– how paying attention to what people say gives clues to how they think,
– the tool of perceptual positions,
– McClelland’s three needs model offers insight into how to influence others.

Click the image to download the workbook:

Communication and Influence

DISC Behavioural Styles

A simple yet powerful model to understand behavioural communication and how that gives us insights into people’s motivation and communication style preferences.

Click the image to download the workbook:

Understanding DISC Behavioural Styles

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