Imposter Syndrome Resources for podcast listeners

I hope you enjoyed listening to my podcast interview. I suspect you’re already familiar with the negative impact of Imposter Syndrome feelings, I hope I can share further insights and practical tools to help you overcome the challenges and to move forward.

Here are some resources you might find useful:
There’s a link to my book on Amazon and a form to sign up to my weekly newsletter. You’ll see links to three free videos lessons exploring our crafty “imposters”, how they can hold us back and what we can do about it and, if you want an introduction to my wider work you’ll find links for three different ebooks that you might find interesting. Enjoy! 

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In three short videos below I explore “How Imposter feelings hold you back”, “Why confidence alone won’t conquer your Imposter” and I invite you to “Meet the team behind your Imposter” as, in my experience Imposters are often accompanied by Perfectionists, sometimes by People Pleasers or even hard-working Pushers.

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How Imposter Syndrome feelings can hold you back


Why Confidence Alone won’t Conquer Your Imposter

Meet the team behind your Imposter

Help yourself!

I’ve created some free resources to get you started.

Am I an Imposter? 

This free ebook has 10 simple questions to help you to self-assess how badly you are affected by imposter feelings and behaviours.

I reveal three simple and effective first steps to outgrow your imposter today.

There is a part of you that knows you can move beyond imposter feelings...



Am I a Imposter booklet

How to create confidence…

Learn simple and effective ways you can grow in confidence today:

  • The 4 step process of natural confidence
  • What confidence means for you
  • Three ways to feel more confident
  • Three ways to look more confident.

It really is possible to learn to feel more confident, to be comfortable in your own skin and be your best self when you need to show up.


Confident Speaking cover

How to create more time…

This ebook reveals the real reason things get done – or not. You’ll also learn:

  • The art of choosing priorities
  • How action comes before motivation
  • How setting tight deadlines can be key
  • Why permission to take a break can be motivating.

To get different results you need to take different actions… start with a decision to do something different today.


How to create more time cover