Organised Gmail InboxOrganising your Gmail inbox… scary thought? I think I’ve finally found something amazing.

For many years I was an Outlook ninja and had my emails, sorted, categorised and filed into folders. Then I shifted to Gmail.

At first it was a little strange to get used to their labels rather than folders but it wasn’t difficult and of course you could colour-code them. And when I began to discover just how powerful the Gmail search tool was I didn’t even need to use the labelling options so much at all. It did mean I had thousands of emails in my inbox but I could always find an email within minutes.

And then I found Jesse J Chapman and his blog: The best way to manage your Gmail inbox.

Jesse simply points out: “With few exceptions, there are four main tasks you’ll do with an email:

  1. Respond to it
  2. Wait for someone else to respond to it
  3. Keep it for reference
  4. Delete it”

Look at my inbox now!

I still have the same Gmail search functions but emails I need to act upon or which need attention are clearly sorted.

It took me maybe 15 minutes to do this and could make all the difference for you too!