Boy riding turtle cartoonMost days are good days at the moment but it’s not always been the case. Sometimes it feels as if circumstances or people, conspire against you, other times it’s simply the weather, the car, the bills, the system…

When life feels hard it doesn’t need to stay that way. Truth is, it’s not life but our thinking about life that makes the tough times endure.

Yet even when I know this is the truth, sometimes I can get stuck in the rut. I know I need to think about things a different way I just can’t seem to muster the energy or the imagination to do it.

At times like these, a little gentle help is very welcome!

Richard Wiseman wrote a lovely book called “59 Seconds: Think a little, change a lot” filled with bite-sized bits we can do in a minute to make things better. It’s a very easy read and well worth it, the sort of book you can dip in and out of as the mood takes you…

If you’re looking for a taster then I’ve created a short tips sheet inspired by the book called “Five days to feeling better”. Click on the link and get started today.

What have you got to lose?!