Golf - prepare for puttingIt’s always struck me that golf is a spectacularly difficult game – a 3 foot long stick with a small head to strike a small ball just over an inch in diameter and you’re aiming for a tiny golf hole just 4.25 inches across which is several hundred yards ahead of you…

What’s that all about?

Has it ever crossed your mind that many more people would be better at golf if only the holes were bigger?

Speaking personally, I’ve been known to play pitch’n’putt or crazy golf a few times. While this was fun, I’ve never shown any particular skill and nothing to suggest I ought to try my hand at a proper game of golf. I do enjoy occasionally watching golf on the TV. In particular I like watching the US Masters as it often happens when spring is barely breaking here in the UK yet the azaleas and rhododendrons are in full bloom in Augusta. The botanical back-drop makes the golf seem more spectacular than normal.

But, why is is that golf holes are so small? Wouldn’t it be easier for everyone if the holes were bigger and maybe closer. That way everyone would have a much better chance at getting the ball in the hole…

Ah, but maybe being good at golf isn’t about having bigger, closer holes. Maybe being good at golf is significant precisely because it’s difficult to get the ball in the hole.

And the thing about things that are difficult is that, sometimes we don’t succeed even though we have succeeded in the past – no matter how successful our past, future performance isn’t guaranteed.

Maybe even sometimes in a game of golf, the best person doesn’t win.

As a spectator this makes the game much more exciting to watch, underdogs sometimes have their day and the deserved victor isn’t victorious.

When you look at golf in this light, maybe it’s not so surprising that golf holes are small, is it?

But what about looking at life, your life, in this same light…

Sometimes past success doesn’t guarantee future performance, just because you’re good doesn’t mean you will always win, sometimes the point of the game of life is that it is difficult in parts… And maybe the most important thing is that you get up and get started.

As a human being, taking part is what the game is about, giving our best even when, or maybe because the outcome is uncertain.

And the only way to get better… is to play with all your heart.