not perfect - three stars out of fiveI have to admit, it’s nowhere near perfect!

As I listened to the video I’d just recorded, there was a raspiness to the audio track – it looks like my microphone was just too close to my lapel and there was some feedback thing going on that affected the sound quality…

My first reaction was anger, anger mixed with disappointment. What a waste!

The challenge is that I can’t hear my recorded voice as I record. I have to complete the video and wait for it to process before I get any chance to hear how it sounds. When you’re recording for an hour, that process takes some time.

And to make matter worse, I was so pleased with this recording as I’d done it. I’d kept to script. I’d kept to time. I thought it was just perfect. And then… it just didn’t sound perfect.

My first reaction? I needed to record it all over again!

And then, my moment of insight.

It was good enough. It was good enough to convey my message. It was good enough to put on the web page. It was good enough to get started.

And so that’s what I did.

I edited the sections. I added the subtitles. I built the web page around it and it’s out there to be seen ( if you’re interested. And actually, I’d appreciate the feedback.).

The project is creating another way to promote my “Imposter Syndrome Sources and Solutions” programme. I’m planning a launch after the summer and preparing the resources now… I figure that if I have time (and I should) I can re-record the video before I do the official launch and right now, what I have is good enough. Actually, it might be good enough, full stop.

The thing I’m proud of is that this didn’t derail me and I didn’t instantly delete the folder (yes, I have been known to do that in the past).

One more sign that I’m a recovering Perfectionist. Yes, a recovery that is sometimes precarious and needs to be carefully guarded. But definitely in recovery.

And you might be thinking “But if you’re planning to re-record it, why not do it sooner rather than later?” and yes, I did ask myself that question too.

I guess the video is only one part of the system. There’s creating the web page (done and not yet perfect) and creating the copy text (done and not yet perfect) and writing the email sequence to promote and follow-up (done and not yet perfect). Right now I feel they evolve together. I need to see how the bits work, how they gel and I’m sure the evolution of one part will trigger the evolution of another…

I could’ve re-recorded the video until the audio was perfect. But, in writing the copy and then the email sequence I realised there was something important to my clients that I’d not discussed in the introductory part of the video content. An omission. It will work without it. It will be better with it.

By allowing myself to build the whole system when it is so “not perfect” I have the opportunity to collect up all the little snagging errors and correct them, if I want, before the final launch.

So, I guess I’m proud to say I’ve built this and published it when it’s not even close to perfect.

I never thought I’d hear myself say that.

Hope you enjoy doing something that’s not even close to perfect this week!

Let me know what you’re working on. I’d love to hear from you.


PS. If you do want to give me some feedback on the content and audio quality of my video, yes it’s here. Do sign up for Stop Feeling like a Fraud, watch the content and let me know what you think. It’s definitely pre-launch but still contains some really good content you might enjoy.

Stop feeling like a fraud!