Think-Plan-ActJust a quick but very heartfelt happy new year wish for better times to come.

If we’ve learned one thing these last two years it’s that the best laid plans can and do change.

That’s not a reason not to plan – personally I love a good plan, better than most maybe – but it’s healthy not to take our plans too seriously.

Plans create structure, direction, provide reminders about taking action. Taken too seriously plans can create pressure, stress and unrealistic expectations.

When life throws you a curveball, whether that’s a Covid diagnosis for you or someone you love, a cancelled holiday or even an unexpected sleepless night, it’s often better to go with the flow than to throw a tantrum.

Being flexible doesn’t mean we give up on our dreams when the slightest thing goes wrong but we learn to recognise when it’s healthier to implement Plan B.

Plan B might involve a different timeline or a new route to the same destination or accepting that the destination itself has been changed.

So as 2022 begins, I hope you have a clear sense of your Plan A destination:

  • A year of good health and happiness?
  • A journey towards fitness and strength?
  • Building a beautiful and caring support network?

And do feel free to plan for business growth, a work promotion or a completely new beginning!

I’ve been inspired recently to see that The Guardian newspaper has a series of articles about people who made great changes in their lives after they turned 60… It’s never to late to try something different.

So what do you want to do with your one wild and precious life? I’d love to hear what you have in mind and I’m excited to share developments with you

As 2022 unfolds I wish you well. Keep your eyes open to seeing the possibilities, heading towards your chosen destination, being flexible about the route and even giving yourself permission to change your mind if your heart so desires!


PS: I have a collection of free videos and ebooks that I call Resources for Resilience here. Do take a look if you want to kick start your new year with some new tools!

Yes, I want some new tools!