How are you doing? Hope all is well with you and yours… I confess to being slightly hampered by a sprained ankle at the moment – definitely slowing me down and making me think about things differently. Also the passing of US Supreme court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg made me really think about, when will there be enough women… more of this in a moment.

Neither of these events stopped me launching my four week, group coaching programme “Imposter Syndrome Sources and Solutions“.

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  • A toolkit to support and sustain the authentic you!

All this is delivered through:

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  3. Workbook with questions and reflective exercises to help you find your answers and insights

My intention is to support you as you implement the changes you need to really overcome your Imposter Syndrome feelings so there is the option of an extended package of one-to-one coaching if that’s what you want.

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So what about this question of when will there be enough women?

Supreme court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg once said:

“When I’m sometimes asked when will there be enough women on the supreme court? And I say when there are nine, people are shocked. But there’s been nine men, and nobody’s ever raised a question about that.”

And yes, even I had to stop and process that. A part of me thought – “Wow, 9 female supreme court judges – that’s not very balanced.” and no, it’s not balanced but she’s right, there were 9 male judges for decades and enough people feet that there was no problem with that so changes were not made for decades…

And today, we are more aware. Most organisations are making efforts to increase equality, inclusion and diversity and so back to the question, “What do you think is the percentage of women needed before we consider that women are well represented in leadership? When will there be enough women?”

According to research done by the Lean In organisation (probably in the USA so that might influence the results), 45% of men and 28% of women think 1 in 10 is well represented. What do you think? I find that quite shocking. I imagine that when you’re not used to seeing any women in senior positions and the women who do appear seem to make the news/be spoken about because it’s a big deal all of a sudden, then a small change can feel like a big change.

In my training I talk about unconscious bias and internalised unconscious bias as contributing to the reasons that women hold themselves back… almost without knowing it we can absorb and internalise the values of our societies, our culture… In a partnership where a male and a female professional worker make the household, who should be responsible for the domestic labour, cooking, cleaning, shopping? Who is the one who “does” and who is it that “helps”? When will the time come that we really stop being surprised when the domestic roles are the responsibility of the man who cleans the house or prepares meals while his female partner sits and reads the newspaper?

I love that we are making progress and I want to celebrate that – but we’ve a long way still to go before equal partnership becomes the norm.

What do you think? I’d love to hear from you.

And, if you want to learn more about unconscious bias, how it works and how it relates to Imposter feelings, go and sign up for my programme while the early bird price is still available. Time is running out!

Speak soon,