Time & Energy Management for extremely busy women

In a world geared to high energy, high input achievement it seems that time is our most precious resource.

Women are often particularly challenged. The personal clashes with the professional. We often feel pulled in all directions.

We want to give our best at work, maybe even climb a career ladder. Often we also have caring responsibilities which women seem to juggle – if we have children or parents to support we probably feel we’re not doing as much as we’d like at home or at work, yet there simply are no more hours in our day.

We often feel exhausted, overwhelmed and ruled by our inner-critic who seems convinced that we could be doing better on all fronts. 

Time & Energy Management for extremely busy women
is a great workshop if you’d like to:

  • have a greater sense of calm achievement
  • clarify your priorities
  • understand what things you can change
  • learn how to use your brain more effectively
  • have some great tools for getting stuff done
  • understand how to manage your energy effectively
  • bring real presence to your decision-making
  • understand how to delegate effectively

Give yourself the gift of a few hours of calm to really look at where your time goes. 

During this session we’ll explore some really practical tools for making better use of our time and energy.  This workshop is different because it starts with a different approach – it’s not about learning how to endlessly achieve more in shorter and tighter windows of time. We learn how to capitalise on our natural cycles of energy and maximise the benefits of rest and relaxation.

In choosing to focus on our priorities we’ll also learn to take the time to enjoy the journey – it’s likely that we will only pass this way once and this precious life feels far too short to waste. Do come and join us!