My summer, August, is usually fairly relaxed as I rarely deliver training and many coaching clients take a summer break. I often use this time to work on my business, update my workshops, handouts and website… this year, I made me my summer project.

I spent more time with my hens – they live life in a much slower lane, you learn to pay attention in a different way, to slow down and, yes, even smell the roses (chickens don’t seem to eat them!). 

I decided to consciously improve my health, walked more, took the stairs rather than the lift, even joined a gym and rediscovered the joy of being active. All of this took a conscious decision. I wanted to work on my business and yes, I did, though not as much as I might have hoped.

I acknowledged the reality that my time and energy is a limited resource. I could work harder, I could work smarter, I could pack more in and try to have it all. I chose to savour the slower lane, reduce my mental load and focus on less rather than more. The result?

I’ve been eating fresh eggs, savouring freshly picked raspberries with yoghurt for breakfast, consciously enjoying family time because family matters to me. 

There’s a lot to be said about living from a place of choice. And please don’t believe that it’s always easy or been smooth sailing… There have been challenges, things that didn’t go according to plan, there were choices to be made. And again I’ve realised that where you focus is where you go. Invest time, energy and intention but with love, kindness and compassion.

Oh, and, according to the fancy machine at the gym, I’ve reduced my metabolic age by a decade. My “wasted summer” will be full of memories, lived with love, chosen by me.